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Benefits Of Elastic Laces For Runners & Triathletes

You might not give much thought to your shoe laces and just carry on using the ones that are already supplied originally with your running shoes. But having the right shoe laces could make all the difference to your performances.

In a triathlon, transition times are instrumental to your success, so anything you can do to shorten this aspect of your race is certainly worth a shot. This is where elastic laces come in. Slipping your shoes on and off with the help of elastic laces is so much easier than tying and untying your laces, and can shave vital seconds off your transition times.

Lock laces allow you to put on and take off your shoes using one hand. The elastic of the laces stretches when you put your foot in so that you don’t misshape the shoe and can get your foot in and out easily.

The fastening system also keeps your laces at the perfect tension. Normal laces can feel constricting at times, but the flexibility of elastic laces lets the shoe expand with the movement of your foot allowing for maximum comfort and ease of motion.

If your foot starts to swell because it’s hot then the laces will widen to ensure your foot isn’t under unnecessary pressure in the shoe (which can happen with regular cotton shoe laces) and keeps your circulation flowing correctly, which can help reduce muscle fatigue and reduce foot pain.

The beauty of elastic laces is that they can be adjusted anytime you like. Just because they lock in place securely, doesn’t mean you can’t alter the tension whenever you need to. Then you just lock them again and you don’t ever have to be distracted or worry about them coming undone while you’re running.

Elastic laces are the perfect solution if your hands are cold, and you don’t want to fiddle around trying to tie laces. Some also have reflective qualities that can help with safety if you’re running in low light conditions.

Elastic laces can be put on any footwear, to make putting shoes on quick and easy. They also come in a variety of colours so you can match them up with the style of your running shoes.

Picture credit - ARIMAG / Shutterstock.com


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