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How To Know When To Replace Your Running Gear

We've all got our favourite workout gear but eventually the time will come when your kit has served its purpose and needs to be replaced. As hard as it may be to part with your lucky running top, if your kit has seen better days then it could actually be hampering your performances.


Remember when the top you wore to workout used to fit you really well? If this seems like a distant memory then it’s time to part with your top. If the garment has become see through over time, the colour has faded or the material isn’t performing the same way it used to, you need to replace it.

So if your workout top used to wick away sweat and it no longer does, don’t continue to wear it as this could cause skin irritation and chafing. Holes and rips are never a good sign and if your workout top is covered in stains then it’s most definitely time to let go.

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Running shorts/leggings

Tell-tale signs that your running bottoms need replacing are that the waistband and seams are loose and the material has become stretched and misshapen. If your running leggings have lost their elasticity and look see-through then it’s also time to invest in some new ones.

Constantly having to re-adjust your running pants isn’t a good look and if nothing else it will only distract you from your workout. Your workout clothes shouldn't need adjusting whether you’re running, squatting or doing the plank. If you’re concentrating more on keeping your shorts or leggings up than you are on your actual workout, it’s time to invest in some new ones.

Sports bra   

The recommended average lifespan of a sports bra is between six and 12 months, so if yours is anything over a year old, it definitely needs to go. Common warning signs to look out for include stretching, faded tags and colouring, or if you need to wear another sports bra over the top for support.

Also if you notice chafing spots or any skin irritation from wearing your sports bra, then it’s high time to replace it. Not replacing it could lead to irreparable damage to your breasts due to stretching of the Cooper ligaments that support the breasts.

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Running socks

Looking after your feet should be one of the main priorities for every runner which is why it’s vital you know when to replace your running socks. If they start to grow thin around certain pressure points on your foot or develop holes then it’s definitely a sign to replace your running socks.

Once your socks start to feel loose, stretched or misshapen and you notice movement between your socks and your feet, you need to invest in a new pair as this can cause pressure and lead to blisters. 

Running shoes

The average lifespan of a pair of running shoes is about a year, or anywhere between 300-500 miles (whichever comes first.) If you start to notice pain and discomfort in your feet and knees, this can also be an indication that it’s time for a new pair of shoes.

Visible signs you need to look out for are if they start to develop holes in the material, the rubber on the sole of the shoe has worn down or they generally just look misshapen. 

Continuing to run in worn down shoes could lead to injuries including shin splints, runner’s knee and swollen IT bands. Don’t let the nostalgia of PBs gone by have you clinging onto your running shoes. When they’ve served their time, they need to be replaced. How to know when to replace your running shoes is explored in more detail in another article. 

To extend the lifespan of your fitness clothing and shoes, follow manufacturer's advice and instructions carefully on how to wash, dry and care for the garments.

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