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Marathon Checklist Items You Might Have Forgotten

So, you’ve decided that you want to run a marathon. You’ve purchased all your clothing, you’ve stuck by your rigorous training schedule, you’re on track to absolutely smash it. Aren’t you? You may have bought the best shoes and the most comfortable tops and pants, but there is so much more that can help you make the best time possible. This is our essential guide for the gear that may not initially come to your head.

Handheld Bottles

One of the most important factors that you need to consider when running a marathon is hydration. Without staying hydrated, there is no way you are going to finish. You may be planning to use the refilling stations provided during the race, you may have even trained with these stations in mind, however, when the day itself comes you never know what is going to happen.

Carrying a handheld bottle with you during your marathon means that you can hydrate yourself whenever you want, without needing to rely on the stations throughout the race. You can fill up your bottle with any drink of your choice and keep running. With bottles now designed to be as easy to use as possible without affecting your running, there is no excuse to become dehydrated.

The 18oz SpeedDraw Flask combined with a grip-free strap and lightweight zippered pocket keeps your essentials safe and secure.

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Waist Packs

If you need to carry your keys, phone or maybe even nutritional snacks with you during the race you’re not going to want to have them bouncing around in your pockets (if you even have any), they’re just going to keep getting in your way and slow you down. Wearing a waist pack may be the best way to keep your belongings on your person, as well as keeping them secure and out of your way.

The best solution to this problem would be to carry nothing at all, however, sometimes that simply cannot happen. The best waist packs will fasten tight to your body, eliminating any hanging gear and offering a lightweight and compact solution for runners who only want to carry the essentials with them.


No matter the weather a cap will always come in useful for any runner. When you think of a cap you will probably only think about using them during hot sunny days to keep the sun out of your eyes and protect you from sunstroke. You’re correct. But have you ever thought about using them during colder, wetter runs as well?

When you run in the rain you spend a lot of your time closing your eyes to keep the rain out or wiping your face to dry it off. On their own they’re pretty insignificant actions but when carried out multiple times they can have a drastic effect on your timings. The peak of a cap is perfect for protection against rain pummelling down onto your face and eyes. You can’t run anywhere if you can’t see where you’re going.


Blisters are one of the most common running-related injuries. Most people will think that the only causes are the shoes that they’re running in, however, wearing the right socks is also very important. Blisters are caused by friction on your skin from both your shoes and socks. Owning the best socks is crucial in trying to minimise what can be a small yet costly injury.

Feetures! Ultra Light socks are super thin and extra breathable, and are designed to keep feet cool under the most intense conditions. These socks take up less room in the shoe and are perfect for those who prefer a lighter, cooler feel.


A good pair of socks should prevent your skin from rubbing against your shoes and remove any excess moisture away from the skin. The best socks will usually feature abrasion resistance in areas of increased wear, meaning they will not wear out over time and decrease the protection that they provide.

This is just a quickfire guide to some of the accessories that will come in handy when running a marathon. Why not check out more of our accessories here? Are you looking to upgrade your shoes for the big day? Head over to the new in section to see if there’s anything else you might need.

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