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Running on Your Summer Break - The Essentials

Holidays are a great time to rest and relax but if running is essential in your day-to-day routine, it can be difficult maintain a well-balanced schedule whilst still enjoying some valuable time off. If you prepare for running on your holiday this summer, follow this simple guide to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy your run without compromising that all-important luggage space.


It is critical that when deciding on a top, you look towards a lightweight option that is unlikely to weigh you down in the heat. You have the option of a vest/singlet or a breathable t-shirt. Whichever you decide on, it is vital that you focus on the material. We recommend a light, fast-drying material that will remove the sweat from your upper body. In addition, look for a lighter coloured top, as it will reflect light and unlike darker colours will not absorb heat and lead to an increase in sweat, becoming heavy and damp.


During the summer, many people will prefer to run in a pair of shorts due to the temperature and humidity. When deciding on your shorts, the fabric is of key significance, as this will ultimately decide whether or not you will experience chafing. Similar to your t-shirt or vest, a breathable material is recommended which will allow sweat to be drawn away from your skin, cooling your body down. A decent pair of men’s or women’s shorts will also give a split-leg design which offers you flexibility.


It is very important to a run, no matter the location, that you have a suitable pair of running socks. The material behind a running sock will wick away moisture, preventing blisters and the additional thread woven in will operate like a bandage, protecting your joints. Towards the end of your run you may experience deviation from your normal running form, but with running socks the use of pressure sensors will prevent this.

Stay fresh and odour free. Superb running sock for all distances.


Running Shoes

It is obvious that wherever your destination this summer, that you research the terrain that your runs will be based on, so you can appropriately pack your running shoes. Here at realbuzz, we stock a variety of the latest shoes for all types of terrain.

Water Bottles & Storage

In warmer conditions as temperatures rise, increased water loss through sweat and evaporation will cause the body to work harder to stay cool. Even if you feel like your destination isn’t particularly hot, any change in either temperature or humidity can upset the balance of the body and so it is vital to ensure hydration throughout. Although the amount of water that you need to consume varies on the distance and timings of your run, it is in your own interest to reduce the distraction to your running form caused by an awkwardly shaped or sized bottle.

For those who prefer to run without anything in their hand, it may be useful to try out a hydration belt. These allow the easy transportation of a water bottle by having it comfortably sit on your back. It can also be awkward carting around gels and other supplements and so the addition of zipped compartments in a selection of belts can be also be beneficial.

Nathan's high-performance 2-bottle belt is race-ready with extra support to prevent bounce. It comes with the patented Auto-Cant™ disk that allows the belt to adjust to all body shapes for a smooth ride.

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If you are likely to be running in the sun, we can’t stress the importance of a running cap. The primary function of a cap is to protect you from the elements but, it offers a vital level of breathability for your head, acting as a cooling down mechanism as it will look to draw perspiration, in the form of sweat away from your head whilst letting in cooler air.


When it comes to preparing for a run on holiday, the majority of people will forget to include sunglasses. Our eyes need just the same amount of protection from UV rays as our skin does, so it is as important to protect them during a run. It is not just the sunlight that a pair of glasses will keep out, they will be able be reduce the effects of wind and rain, as well as being able to keep out insects! When deciding on a pair, focus on a lightweight framework along with a rubber grip on the ears and nose that will improve stability.


Anyone who has access to GPS whilst at home or abroad should take advantage of myrealbuzz which allows you to train, track and boost your fitness. Download from the app store or google play and get started today!

This is just a quickfire guide on the items that you may need to take during your holiday this summer. If you need more help with running and training needs, do not hesitate to head to realbuzz.com for more running advice and tips


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