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The Key Differences Between Summer and Winter Running

Everybody has their own specific preferences. Coke or Pepsi? Batman or Superman? Train or Bus? It’s not always so simple but generally, opinions will come down to an either/or answer. The same could be said for running preferences. Are you a Summer or a Winter runner? Both seasons come with their own perks and flaws but there are a few very important differences that you need to know about.


The most obvious difference between the two seasons is the temperature. The temperature of your run can make a huge difference to your performance if you’re not prepared, therefore the layers that you wear (or don’t wear) are very important. In the colder temperatures wearing layers is the key to staying warm, however having lots of them can also weigh you down and knock your performance. Not enough layers and you risk the potential of being too cold. Wouldn’t you rather take off layers if you’re too hot than not wear enough and be too cold? If you’re running during the summer months, you’re going to want clothing that is lightweight and breathable to stop yourself overheating and dehydrating. In the end, you should remember that there is no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing.

Runners know that generating heat is the easy part, even in cold weather. Holding on to your body's warmth is what helps you stay strong and fluid when the temperature dips low. Built with climaheat™ insulation and adidas Primeknit Wool, this women's running long sleeve traps heat close to the body for temperature management from warm up to cool down. Thumbholes give extra coverage while tubular construction reduces chafing and offers smooth, wraparound comfort.

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Hydration is the most important factor when it comes to running. realbuzz will always recommend taking some sort of water bottle whenever you go for a run, but it is crucial that you have one with you during the hot seasons. It’s been scientifically proven that you dehydrate more when running in the warm weather, so the need to keep those fluids up is very important. Whether you’re drinking water or some sort of energy drink, a good running bottle will be light, easy to use and easy to store.

The Nathan Mercury is the newest addition to Nathan's award-winning belt lineup. This comfortable, versatile, and bounce-free 2-bottle belt is an ideal road running companion at every level.

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Running Surface

You wouldn’t use a fork when having soup, so why would you use road shoes when running through snow and sludge? The surface that you run on can drastically change between the seasons so you need to be prepared. If you regularly run along the pavement and through your town or city, wearing the right road shoes can really make a difference. However, they’re not going to be any good if you haven’t got your typical surface to run on. Having an alternate pair of running shoes for the wet, snowy days can both keep your primary shoes clean, and prevent you from getting any serious injuries.


When training in the summer, you can basically run whenever you want to. With the days being longer you can go out for early morning or late-night runs without the worry of being out alone in the dark. Many runners use this to their advantage in order to fit more into their days. However, with more hours of sunlight comes more people out and about. Some people may work unsociable hours, meaning they must leave their runs until when it is darker. If you do choose to run during winter mornings or nights, we suggest that you wear something that can keep you safe and spotted by others, such as reflective clothing or a headlight.

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